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It’s the small details that matter…

If you won't allow me to shatter light bulbs then you are not a stealth game. Sorry, but that's fact.

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I'm in a dirty little corner of an alley, dressed in deep black night. Ahead is a pool of light, splayed by the jittery lamplight above. Underneath is a guard, alert and wary.

Every time I hit the lamplight with a projectile from my weapon, the missile just rebounds off, as if the glass is made of adamantium.


It's not necessary for me to extinguish the street light. Extinguishing the light from the guard's life is enough. But I am an urban ninja. I am compelled to try. But the game won't let me.

You failed me Dishonored. You were doing so well until this point, but you failed. You failed the genre. Take off that purple ornamental stealth sash; give it to me. No, don't bother ritually folding it up, just give it already. Now get out. No cake for you.

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* A purple stealth sash is a lower tier sash that is given to contestants who fulfill the following basic criteria:

~ Light bulbs can be shot at, extinguishing light.

~ Bodies can be dragged away and hidden.

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